Finishing Fiberglass Cowl

Have painted cowl with white ultracoat paint. Will put striping on the cowl
with striping tape. To finish I want to apply clear coat to entire cowl to
keep the tape from peeling and make the finish more resistant to
Question: Is there any brand of clear coat that is better than another. I
plan to use Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating. Will that work
satisfactorily or are their better brands.
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My first idea would have been to use the ultracoat clear, in my experience you usually get the best results when you stay with the same type of paint for all coats. Any reason you don't want to use the same paint for the clear layer ?
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Daniel Nilsson
I don't know about Krylon. Most of their paints aren't fuel proof. I would stay with either a clear polyurethane (although it's not really clear -- it has a yellowish tinge) or one of the fuel-proof paints sold by the modeling suppliers.
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Morris Lee
couple of thoughts --
-- Pretty sure Krylon will melt in thepresent of raw fuel. Recommend staying with a model paint like the UltraCote clear if you really want a clear overcoating. -- If it's an option, painting the stripes in Ultracote paing and skipping the striping tape will be the most durable finish. -- If you're going to be using the Hangar 9 / Goldberg striping tape, it probably won't need to be cleared - experience says it stays put for hundreds of flights / multiple seasons. -- Just make sure the area to be striped is clean and dry and away you go! -- If it does finally lift, it's a simple matter to remove the loose part, clean, and reapply more.
Hope this helps - Rick
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Rick Wallace

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