Flying from a public road in Sonoma County CA

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I decided to wake up early today and head out to the coast to fly the
stik once the fog lifted. I had a little stretch of road stuck in my
head that I was pretty sure would suit landing and takeoff needs.
Getting away from the regular flying spot was refreshing, and the views
from the coastal ridge along Coleman Valley Road (near Bodega Bay CA)
are fantastic. The wind was very slight this morning, though I'm sure
the landscape would lend itself nicely to slope soaring once the winds
come about in the afternoon.
Taking off downhill with the wind wasn't idle, but was doable. Landings
were made uphill into wind, and were quite acceptable... Well, except
for the one time I came in a bit hot and over shot the landing spot and
nearly planted the plane in a ditch (see photos).
Anyhow, just thought I'd share the photos and the experience. Here's a
map showing the location where I flew for the those that might want to
try this spot yourself:
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- You'll need to zoom out to get
a better idea of the location relative to nearby towns.
Happy Flying,
Randy Wentzel
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Randy Wentzel
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Most people first think it's a Datson 510, then they guess that it's a BMW 2002. Fiat sold 124 Sedan rights and manufacturing equipment to Lada in the late '70s. Lada pumped that car out by the hundreds of thousands from their factory in Poland (if I recall correctly) and shipped the bulk over to the USSR. The Lada has a small push rod motor, but I've retrofitted my Fiat with a 1.8 Twin Cam.
It's a blast.
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