Great Planes "Reflection"

Anyone out there built a reflection and flown it?

I bought the kit and tried to assemble. Every last one of the plastic clips snapped when I was trying to install them onto the carbon fiber rods. So I called Great Planes and I was told this was a 'reported issue' and that they would send out a new hardware set.

That was over 2 weeks ago. So I called back to see what was holding up the process..and I found out the hardware set for this kit is backordered and not expected for a few more weeks. I wonder why ;)

Just a heads up for everyone...I'm not too happy with this thing so far.


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The Great Planes flat outs have a reputation for being a bit difficult to build. The plastic pieces have given a number of folks trouble. I had a similar experience with the Cap 580 flatout. Their whole line got kind of a bad reputation for a while because of this, and Great Planes was selling them for half price on Tower Hobbies just to move the inventory. None of their newer foamies have shared this design.

The easiest foamies that I've found from an assembly standpoint have been the Thunder Tiger EP Profiles - they make a Giles 202, an Expo 3D, and a Christen Eagle biplane. You could open the box on one of these and have it ready to fly by the time the LiPo was full charged. The monoplanes fly very nicely, too. I have flown the Giles 202 and the Christen Eagle, but I found the biplane a bit more of a challenge to fly. It required a fair amount of rudder to turn.

If you want a nice flying foamy that's easy to build, the Thunder Tiger Giles 202 or Expo 3D are highly recommended.

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Ed Paasch

Hal & Anyone interested,

I bought the Great Planes Flat-Out Extra 300S and had the same problem. After much thought and consideration, I was able to sell the kit to a guy for $10 (for a $10 loss). After that I sent ALL the electronics back to Tower Hobbies for credit.

To use my credit, I ordered the Great Planes ElectriFly Piper Cub EP ARF Park Flyer 41" Wing (GPMA1153). It was easy to put together but I ordered the wrong servos. The servos shown in the manual (but not specified) are Hobbico CS5 Nano ($21.99 ea.) The first flight will be tomorrow. I'll report back in a couple days.

You can see it on my website in the photo gallery under 'My Planes' of Today. My 'Vista Sailplane' is also a very good EP.

Footnote: I'm finished with FlatOuts and Foamies (period).

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Hal wrote:

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Earl Scherzinger

Ok heres a thought, i have a reflection and have had trouble at firs

but i have to say it is a good learning experience. and um try reamin the plastic bits before putting them together. that will take a lot o hassle out of it. Altogether its a nice little flyer. although th landing gear are junk and the stock motor lasts like one or tw flights. Its a true 3D.

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