Hangar 9 Texan with Saito 150!

I have flown the H9 Texan 60 Arf with an OS 91 surpass and it was kind of
crappy, even after changing props. I decided I was going to go for the OS
1.20 Surpass but then I saw that the Saito 150 weighed the same so I bought
that instead. I put a 3-bladed 14x9 prop on it so it should haul and easily
hover at less than full throttle. I could almost hover it at full throttle
with the OS 91 but it didn't have quite enough thrust. The Saito 150 only
weighs about 1/2 pound more than the OS 91 and I only needed a little tail
lead to balance it. Overall, the weight of the plane increased about 3/4 of
a pound. It should end up at 8 1/2 pounds up from 7 3/4.
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