Stolen trailer with planes/equipment District V

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October 10, 2005

A very close friend of mine had his trailer (white 6x13ft V nose) stollen from his yard last night. If you see any of these planes being sold or flown please call the police and Tim Burgess, phone # at bottom. We live in Chattanooga TN. Thanks much guys. Owen.

Sometime during the night some low-life backed up into the driveway of my shop and stole my trailer. Needless to say it was loaded down with all my planes and quite a bit of support gear (my radio and flight box were in the shop fortunately). Please be on the lookout for any "good deals" on the following:

Sr Telemaster (Maroon and Gray) w/Saito 180 Golden Knight (that's right, overpowered for towing gliders)

Pete N Poke (Dark Red and Cream Fabric) w/Saito 72 GK

Venus 40 ARF with OS 46

Super Chipmunk (Art Scholl color scheme) w/OS 91 Surpass

Four Star Forty with Creme Monokote and Magnum 52 Four Stroke

If you see these planes please contact the local police and call me at



Tim Burgess

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