Have you seen this?

Hello all,
Have you seen this item
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? it looks
great, anyone have experience with it?
It is not so high in price and i am thinking of buying it and try it
out, what do you think?
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Pass on it! Its a piece of junk.
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H Davis
500m range? Erm. Forget it. :)
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Jennifer Smith
You're gonna hurt his feelings. He is probably the one selling them...
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David Hopper
27 MHz radio reason enough right there to give it a pass
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Bob Cowell
Funny when the manufacturers list price differs from "their" price. When they ARE the manufacturer... And a flat shipping rate of 69 dollars sounds really wild. Stear clear of this kit. If its good, it ends up on a serious dealer..
neta snipped-for-privacy@zahav.net.il> skrev i melding news: snipped-for-privacy@y80g2000hsf.googlegroups.com...
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Stefan Pettersen
| It is not so high in price and i am thinking of buying it and try it | out, what do you think?
I think you smell an awful lot like a shill ...
I suspect that you're not asking about this plane because you want to know. Instead, you are selling it, or your job is to market it.
And why do I think this?
Well, let's see ... you're pushing an E-shop business here --
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and strangely enough, the web site you've got there is at exactly the same IP address as is selling your plane.
Go away, spammer. Hawk your crap elsewhere, and try to be a bit more honest about it next time.
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Doug McLaren
Maybe he runs his business from an Internet Cafe?? It could happen. :) mk
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I'll give you $20 USD for one, shipping included, and that is my final offer!!!? Actually, they look like a lot of fun. I saw an ad for them on TV, I think about 3 am, and they seem to ba a pretty good boat, a piss poor land vehicle, and a slightly poorer aircraft, although, I admit they're (marginally) controllable... Remember- I'm on your side... -Uncle Pauly
neta snipped-for-privacy@zahav.net.il wrote:
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Paul Ryan
Well, wouldn't that mean that he IS actually the owner of the model airplane business??
"MJKolodziej" skrev i melding news: snipped-for-privacy@corp.supernews.com...
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Stefan Pettersen
"Stefan Pettersen" wrote
Not necessarily.
He could be a PR or sales person, using the company link.
He must be linked to the company, in some matter.
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