GWS vs Phoenix vs Hextronic vs TowerPro ESC.. quality?

For my twinstar I am going with Xtra 2829/10 dual motors ( 1210 KV,
max amps of 15 on each, operating at 12 amps, stats for a 7x5 prop)..
with 8x4e props, drawing a total of about 19 amps max, 210watts max.
I'm wondering if a 15amp esc will be too close.. and I should opt for
say a 25 amp. I wont be using a RX battery pack, so the BECs will be
The ESCs I was considering at 15 amp were these:
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15amp , bec 2amp $19.95
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$9.99 Hextronic
or these other ones if those amps are not enough:
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25amp, bec 2amp $28.50
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formatting link
30 amp $22
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25 amp
I read somewhere that towerpro's sometimes have an issue with
resolution on the Throttle.. ie: 60% on the stick is 100% in reality
Anyone tried GWS or Hextronics? I'm trying to keep cost down, but I
still would like decent performance out of the unit.
These will be run off of 3s 3100 Polyquest 12C lipo on 4 servos.
Any issues with having both BECs connected.
As of right now I'm leaning towards the GWS 15 amp, hoping it will be
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Ted shuffled out of his cave and grunted these great (and sometimes not so great) words of knowledge:
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GWS 15amp , bec 2amp $19.95
formatting link
$9.99 Hextronic
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GWS 25amp, bec 2amp $28.50
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Hestronic 18amp
formatting link
TowerPro 30 amp $22
formatting link
Castle 25 amp
I have a couple of Towerpro 65 amp ESC and have not had that problem. If there is a problem it may just be with the smaller ESC.
I do not have any Hextronics ESC, however, all reports indicate they are a good unit.
You are going to be running 2 motors AND 4 servos from 1 pack. IMO, I would opt for a separate receiver pack. MOST BEC in the size you are looking at will be at maximum servos (or possibly over ).
You will need to disconnect one of the BEC. You will also need to program each ESC seperately.
I would go with a higher rated ESC. The cost between GWS and Towerpro is minimal ($3.00 ) and you have a safety margin in case you calculated incorrectly.
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Ted Campanelli
I'm using a 30 Amp ESC from with a 15 Amp brushless qnd a 3S 2 amp LiPo. This is an Ebay store that I've done business with. Jeff has motors, ESCs, batteries, etc. Also he's a E-flier himself, so he knows whereof he speaks. $2 for shipping no matter how many items you order. Give him a look.
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