Twinstar II Lipo Battery confusion/decisions (3s 2500-3200 ideal) thoughts?

I was going to purchase the CellPro 4s charger, which does have adapters for various non CellPro battery packs.. Like PolyQuest/ thunderpro. They dont list DN as a type of battery they support (though the universal adapter may work as well).

I am finally building the twinstarII, which eventually will haul up a camera (with another 950mah 3s battery).. so initial weight might be

43 oz, then 48oz with camera (motor either ripmax xtra 2829/10 or Hacker A20-26M, leaning towards hacker, either motor choice (x2) pulling about 18 amps).

My thought at first was to go with a cheaper 2100mah battery pack (lighter 5.6-6 oz) then later on throw a 3200mah (9.2 oz) to give longer flights if it is needed (I should get 15 minutes out of a

2100-2500 pack, or so i think based on what I saw).

I was originally just going to go CellPro on batteries, but then I found some cheaper alternatives.

Any thoughts on the non cell pro ones or even some of the competitive ones that are about the same price:

CellPro CP03200-3S-N

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$84.95 9.2oz 20C 3200mah;

CellPro CP02100-3S-N

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$47.95 5.1oz ; 18C; 5.1oz; 2100mah;

PolyQuest (poly/rc) 3s 2500mah 12C

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$28.95 6.18oz

PolyQuest (poly/rc) 3s 3100mah 12C

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$29.95 7.23oz

**This $29 price seems amazing, too good to be true.. I was originally looking at 15C as the value that everyone said was good enough, so CellPro had the 18/20's at those prices which seemed decent, but these Polyquests at 12C should be sufficient too? (motors will probably pull a combined amp of about 18 amps max)

Others I've found as well:

GPMP0725 Great planes :

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$79 3200mah 15C, has deans plug already on it; 9.8oz

GPMP0721 Great Planes:

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$54.99 2100mah 15C ; 6.5oz;


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weight $89 Fullymax 3300 3s lipo with his Bp-12's. ($90) 15C one person getting 20 min flights?

DN 2150mah 3s 15C:

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(may not have a cellpro connector?)

So in short, the CellPros, to me, seem decently priced, though I'd like to really go with a 2500mah battery pack minimally, so that makes the PolyQuests attractive, even though their C is at 12C, or better yet, the 3100mah Polyquest.

Any thoughts on this, as I'm new to choosing the right Lipo here.

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I bought 6 Polyquest 3S in 2006, various capacities, always charged using their balancer and far under 1C, discharge probably averaged 4-6C once or twice a week (usually only fly ~half throttle), and NONE were good for anything other than a emergency light (used with a auto tail light bulb, they'll light a room for hours:) by the time 2007 rolled around. Also bad luck with Kokam overstating their abilities. Only consistant performer (for me) has been ThunderPower...

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