The empty weight of my converted 5 x 10 utility trailer is around 1300 lb. and I want a slightly larger trailer since I can only carry about 5 giant scale birds. I will post pictures of it when I am ready to sell it but before that I need to build a new one out of aluminum. I have the basic design, have the MIG welder, and have been out on bid for the metal.

The only issue remaining is the hinges for the top shell. Previously we got some hinges that had 5/16 hinge pins and welded each half to the top or bottom of the trailer and cut the pin replacing it with a 1/4 long rod. Four of these were put on each side of the trailer with long rods going through 2 and coming together in the middle where a lock held them in place. With removable hinge pins, the top would open either way. This worked well for weather conditions and parking.

The problem is that it is not a good thing to attach steel to aluminum. Does anyone know of some large aluminum hinges? I think I need about 8.


Jim Branaum

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