Honeybee CP2 CCPM electric heli for sale

This item is for sale at rcuniverse.com
Hi heli buffs. My wife bought this heli for me but it is too small for
me to fly. I have very poor vision and need something larger and
easier to see so my loss can be your gain.
This model is suitable for r/c helicopter intermediate pilot, 3D
aerobatic action and inverted flight is possible! Stunt flyer!
This is a Ready To Fly Kit, just charge the battery and fly out of
box,only need * AA Batteries for Transmitter
CCPM(cyclic collective pitch mixing) design provide precise movement
and lighten the helicopter.
Bell-hiller mixer provide immediate respond to the helicopter.
Included as follows:
Honeybee CP2. Extra canopy included.
6 channel E-sky heli radio
AC charger
2 11.1 V li-po 1100mah batteries
Smart Plus LPC-1080 2C-5C Li-Poly balance charger 12-15 volt input
charges from 1-5 li-poly cells ($47.00 dollar value)
E-sky 3 cell 11.1v li-poly fast charger 12-15 volt input
Box serves as carrying case for heli and radio with carrying handle.
HoneyBee CP2 Helicopter
This helicopter is suitable for intermediate pilot or pilot who want
to try inverted fly and mild 3D flight.
120 deg CCPM system provides precise movement if comparing with the
traditional mechanical mixing since there are less linkage/push-rod in
the helicopter,and weight is greatly reduced.
Bell-heller mixing greatly increase the sensitive of the whole
helicopter, which provide good aerobatic responds.
O-ring inside the center hub reduce oscillation of main blades
11.1V high capacitance Li-Po battery provide enough power for any
aerobatic flight(about 15 min flight time per full charge).
Light and hardened wood blade provide great lift, only weigh 11g.
Metal ball swashplate has improved the stability and sensitive of the
whole machine.
Pre position servo mounts have been added in this heli, servos can be
mounted solidly by screw and easy to install.
With length-adjustable servo push-rod, precision sub trim can be
easily set.
Separate main shaft and main gear reduce repair time and noise.
Extended tail boom, reduced the load of tail motor.
Weight is a key to a EP heli, lightened skid set, main gear, main
frame and canopy reduce the load of whole heli.
Provide excellent performance outdoor and indoor.
Paypal only for this item. This is NIB. never flown.
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