don't order from

Don't order from
Here is my go around with them. I placed an order but didn't know that
it was coming from china. The heli was damaged and they failed to ship
my whole order. I had no charger to charge the battery but it was
coming....from china. Turns out it was out of stock. When I requested
refund I got the runaround. Now I'm out $300.00 and still have a heli
I can't fly.
Hello, Michael, we totally understand your feeling about this. We have
the Cabin E005-EK1-0275 (canopy) in stock in our CA office, so we will
send it you firstly so that you can fly the helicopter with the
original battery and charger. As to the charger, we will ship it to
you when we get it from the manufacturer. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Service Dept

Michael Holloway wrote:
That is not acceptable. Keep in mind I will be giving yahoo a customer
satisfaction survey when they request it for your business as well as
leaving feedback on Since you cannot fill my order at
this time I want to return the heli. I did not order it to sit on the
shelf. Considering the poor packaging, missing items, and a cracked
canopy and the fact I cannot even use it, I feel justified in strongly
requesting a refund. I do not think I should have to pay a restocking
fee considering the circumstances but I will agree to pay a 10% fee.
That is resonable as I will have to pay shipping to return it to you
and I would not have waited this long if I wasn't waiting on the rest
of my order. Remember, it's modelers such as myself that keeps
businesses like yours going. Give me an RMA# to return the honeybee. I
will eat the shipping, pay you 10% and chalk this up to stupidity on
my part for not reading the fine print.

Michael Holloway
"" wrote:
Hello, Michael, the smart-plus-lpc-1080-charger is out of stock
currently. We have placed the order with the manufacturer, but have
not get it. When it is restocked, we will ship you the two parts
together and keep you informed of the tracking#. Thank you for your
patience and sorry for the inconvenience.

Service Dept
Michael Holloway wrote:
I have still yet to receive the canopy to replace the cracked one and
the li-poly charger that was not included in my order. Since I have no
charger I am unable to charge the batteries. If I had known the order
was shipped from China I would not have placed an order. How much will
it cost me to just return the merchandise since it has never been
used. I am not happy with the service I have gotten from you.

Michael Holloway
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So, where is the problem that justifies the "don't order" advice? The item arrived damaged? That happens from time to time. The order was split? That happens even more often (a usual thing for online orders). It was shipped from China? So what? Why do you care where it was shipped from?
The way you describe it, it appears that you simply had a change of mind and started to nitpick in order to get out of the deal. In case of online shopping this is understandable: most of the time the products look more "sexy" on the web site than they do in the real life...
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