Hi guys,

I personally do not care for the newsgroups format so started my own Brand new Forum online. I set up a classified section and multiple categories. You must sign up and log in but it is ALL FREE.

Later I will be adding a Gallery section for you to show off your rides.

I want this to be a place where fellow RC'ers can help each other and not bash other brands or put someone down because they do not know anything.

I is literally my web server and my money going into this and I will absolutely not tolerate any crap. This will be a nice place for all to enjoy.

Thank you MacPhreak

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PS. It is new from yesterday and may still have some bugs but with your help we can work it all out.

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Lets see....We have a newbie that doesn't like this forum, so he is going to start his own. I'm glad for a free world.

Newbie, I think you need to know a few things. One, this forum is unmoderated and a lot of people like it that way. Two, there are other forums that are available that are moderated like RCU and RCGroups.

Good luck with your forum, but what do you offer that is not already available? I have seen a lot of forums die a quick death because of lack of participation.

Again good luck.

Dan Thompson

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Not to mention it's pretty much truck/car/buggy oriented. (and very plain looking)

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The OTHER Kevin in San Diego

"I don't like the way you guys are doing things so i'm going to do it completely differently, where I can be the boss"


Marge doesn't like it when I refer to her as my "ride". Could we maybe post pictures of our model airplanes instead?

"And everyone gets a free hug when they log on"


"The beatings will continue until the morale improves"

Good luck with that.

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Homer Simpson

Hi Mac, Good luck with it - Don't let the naysayers bother you. Most don't contribute anything but negativity ;) I'm off to check it out.

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Ed Forsythe


The smart money doesn't put something online until it has been thoroughly tested and wrung out. Reason: early visitors will say, "Oh, yeah, I've been there -- wasn't much to it," and the word gets around. You want early visitors to say, "Wow! this is fantastic -- check it out!" instead.

But mainly, you'll need what the marketing community refers to as a "unique selling proposition," that is, something that no other site offers or does as well. Without that, history predicts that it'll end up being just you and your cronies.

Good luck, though.

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St. John Smythe

I love newsgroup format. so fast, threaded, etc.


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Shea Martin

Me too.. Too bad 99% of the modelers out there either:

A) Don't know about usenet


B) Don't like usenet.

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The OTHER Kevin in San Diego

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