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Hi everyone! Just got into robotics recently, and was looking all over for a forum to get info on robotics....alas, none were found...

So, I made one!

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is the name. I have a forum setup, as well as a photo gallery (still working out the bugs).

Feel free to stop by and check it out. I can use all the advice anyone can supply as well :)


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You're joking, right? There are at least two dozen Web-based forums, not to mention the dozen-plus on Yahoo Groups alone.

Mind you, every contribution helps, but you should know you're venturing into a crowded field here.

FYI, your board looks like a phpBB knock-off. Was there something about their paid version that you didn't find in the freely distributed phpBB?

In any case, good luck with your forum!

-- Gordon Author: Constructing Robot Bases, Robot Builder's Sourcebook, Robot Builder's Bonanza

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Gordon McComb posted this to comp.robotics.misc?!

Stop trying to fragment the community and scatter information. I have a hard enough time keeping up with my areas of interest as it is.

Try putting the effort toward something beneficial.


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Kyler Laird

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