Hydro foam / Hydrofoam Boat/plane

I saw the original Michael Connally video on the web and immediately
knew that I had to have something like this.
Then I got bogged down in researching which one to buy! There seem to
be the most enormous amount of different models of "hydro
foam" ("hydrofoam"?) models available. I am looking for one which is
ready-to-fly, robust, reliable and with good range (and therefore
altitude) (at least 250m).
ebay offers a thing called Flydroboat but its marketing video is for
another manufacturer's model - does anyone know how the Flydroboat
performs? There is also a lot of talk about the Storm Launcher
I get the impression that its operating range is a bit low and I
gather that it is not really powerful enough to get proper flight.
There are various other machines (hydro hawk, walkera, miss hangar
one, flyingpowerboat, etc.) made by various companies but am getting
very confused by what's on offer.
Should I be aiming for something made of EPP? Or is Depron
acceptable? If so, 3mm or 6mm?
Sorry for all the various points but I really need someone to be able
to point me in the right direction. Any help would be gratefully
received. Budget: =A3150-ish.
Please bear in mind that I am in the UK when it comes to the places I
can buy.
Thanks, Ringo
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Hi Ringo, I've got a couple of flydroboats got a very good deal; only a
I wanted something 4 channel and RTF, also as I originally wanted boat!!!!
I've not flown them yet as they are for my birthday next month. As fo build quality, they were actually better than I thought, and th battery charged in 20 minutes!!!!!! I just set it up to make sure i all worked and seems to have loads of power, I'll let you know more i a month. The place I got it from was very helpful too. As for range it 500m, some people that this is not enough, but seems ok to me, don' intend on going much futher. Weight seems ok and I got loads of spare with it.
I did have the transmitter apart as it was set up in mode 4 ie. lef stick Throttle, airelon, right stick, elevator/rudder. I just change the far left and far right plugs over so it was mode 2 ie. left stic throttle/rudder and right stick airelon/elevator. Suites my flyin better.
If I was more experienced in model making and had more resources to bu better equipment I'd probalbly build one from scratch, but for now these £50 machines seem a bargain compared to other RTR R/C toys yo can buy.
I also e-mailed some other people who had bought them off e-bay an they reported well, some had destroyed them and want another one others said the controls were all wrong (Hence I made a simple change and others said they used ducktape to strengthen them and they hit brick wall and no damage; but all said they were great and I emialed lot of people.
So, I'm pleased with mine. Best to get the FMS simulator for you P too, look aroud this site and you will see you can get the waterflyer for it ie hydrofoam for lots of preflight practice.
Hope that helps i.e. happy with my flydroboat so far, but, if ha experience and money would build from scratch, but I'm just a poo student!!!! I'm in UK too so have the same problem with what to get.
If you go for the flydroboat, let me know how it goes and any tips.
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