I would like some help getting into electric flight - Victoria BC

Hi, I've been bitten by the flying bug, but don't know where to turn. I have been reading a lot of opinions and articles, but now I want to start flying! I would like to end up with a model that I can fly in our local parks and fields. I am tempted to get something like a Firebird XL and teach myself to fly, but would prefer some advice or hands on experience from someone who is already flying.

I don't have any flying experience, but am familiar with the basic idea. I have been getting a lot of time with a simulator, using a joystick, but I can't imagine that it is even close to the real thing. Does anyone in Victoria have a transmitter type interface they could rent/loan/sell me?

What I'd really like, though, is for some kindly pilot to drop me a note if they are going to go out flying, so I can come out to watch. I promise to not to beg for a turn, but I wouldn't turn it down either! I think that I am most interested in electric park or slowfliers, but I would enjoy seeing whatever you fly.

I would ask for help from the Victoria Model club, but right now their web site is down, and I believe their focus is on glow/gas models.

Perhaps a firebird would be a good way to go? Has anyone outgrown theirs and would like to sell it?

Thanks, Colin

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Zillions on ebay. Not a bad choice for a first.

Otherwise try GWS slow stick

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The Natural Philosopher

Hey Colin,

I'm also in Vic, been out of the hobby for a few years and am just getting back into it. I felt the same way about the club around here, they said I was welcome to fly electric, or small stuff, "if I wanted to" but their priority seems to be larger stuff. I used to fly .20 - .80's at the field, but membership became a little steep for me.

It seems the membership payed off for those that stuck with the club though, we have the first fully zoned model aerodrome in Canada now :)

Model aircraft get own field of dreams:

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Almost makes me want to rejoin them, but I'm gonna go the park-flyer route this time (gravel pit near my house).

Drop me a note. All things going well, I'll be flying again this spring. I'm in the Western Communities... Steve

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Steve Morley

go to

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subscribe, and ask in the open forum.

Better advice and feedback than any club I've been to.

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The Natural Philosopher

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