start with an Electric helicopter

Hi all,
I would like to start flying an electrical helicopter and I would like
you to suggest me some models. I need something able to fly outdoor,
not too much expensive...
Please, I am not interested for gas engine helicopters, just
I have some experience flying helicopters on my PC Flight Model
Simulator (connected with my transmitter) and also I fly electrical
aircraft models.
My transmitter is a 6 channel (no mixer) and I know some electrical
helicopters could fit for this model. I have not intention to buy
another transmitter.
My first idea is for an ECO8.
Could you please suggest me if is a good idea? I know some others
models as Corona or Dragon ... (GWS)
Thank you,
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sell an electronic mixer that will allow any TX to work with a normal 120 degree or 90 degree swash.
The Eco8 is an excellent heli and will work with either the QuickUK mixer or with its own mechaniacl mixer supplied with the kit.
The Eco 8 is an excellent heli and will give long flight times with a brushless motor / controller (8 or 9 minutes of hovering flight). My eBay auction of a suitable brushless motor/controller combo together with many carbon upgrade parts is still live - see item number 3140160945 on
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(note UK bidders only please).
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buy an eco, it will work even without the upgrades, just do yourself a favour and do buy a brushless motor. in the end it is cheaper, and it flies much better(longer, more power). greetings A. Redert
"Christian" schreef in bericht news:
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