Any RC Sims With a Gripen?

Are there any RC simulators that feature the Saab Gripen, or a similar jet with elevon controls? I checked RealFlight but couldn't find any. TIA

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Quite a number of elevon controlled models on FMS - all freeware e.g just a quick look at index shows = Avro, B2, Cutlass F7U, EF2000, E.Impeler, Eurofighter X 3, Foxbat, Funjet Tiger, JA37 X 3, JAS39 X 2, Projeti, Twinjet, TZagi. + others Thanks to the generosity of people around the world who have made the zipfiles available, I presently have 320+ different models downloaded and unzipped with many more to unzip should the need ever arise. refer to links, especially those with asterisks, at Alan's Hobby, Model & RC Web Links

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"Buddy Boxes. Servo Leads. Flight Simulators & Interface." for many links to sources / hardware etc.

TX 2 TX *** Buddy Box System Operation - RCFU Interface Adapters & Connectors - inc new Futaba Hitec USB Flight Sim Interface (for Hitec Futaba JR Transmitters) + FMS ***

"Flight & Sailing Simulator controllers"

Build an R/C Stick Joystick - The Flying Penguin Futaba Controller - TX Conversion - RCFU TX PC Interface - kitset - Ken Hewitt FMS - Free Flying Model Simulator - Interface DIY instructions FMS Free Flight Simulator - Make your own Interface FMS Serial Interface - D.I.Y for GWS Tin Kim Technology Co.- USB interface for Reflex, Realflight etc

"Flight Simulators (Airplane, Heli & slope) & Sailing Simulators "

Interface Adapters & Connectors - inc new Futaba Aerochopper Review Aerofly & Easyfly = IPACS ClearView RC Helicopter Simulator CSM Dave Brown RCFS 2001 Fly RC Free simulator = Ron's Software Page FMS Homepage - Freeware FMS Links FMS - Downloads, arguably the best personal effort *** FMS - Links to many downloads for FMS and scenery design etc *** FMS - additional Scenery downloads *** FMS Serial Interface for GWS Glider 3D ; RC Sailplanes Simulator Offshore Sailing - Free simulator Pre-Flight (Free Download - buy interface kit) RCFSim v6.01 (2004) - Freeware RealFlight Home Page Reality Craft - RC Plane Master Reflex Flugsimulator Reflex models and scenery - additional downloads by W3 Group RC New Zealand - Free skins for realflight RC-Sim Downloads for Aerofly, FMS, Reflex, RFG 2, etc *** Sail - Free download Slope Soaring Simulator - Free download Tru-Flite Technology TTi Tom's - How to set up PC USB Port, Calibrate TX and more Vertigo flight simulator YSFlight - Freeware

"Trainer (Buddy box) cables - DIY " Buddy box lead info Multiplex to Hitec or Futaba buddy lead schematic Futaba (FM) Trainer Cord Futaba AM Trainer cord Futaba AM to Futaba FM Trainer Cord Futaba to JR Buddy Lead Futaba/Hitec to JR/GWS trainer lead *** Intelligent Buddy Box Lead - JR to Hitec or Futaba JR Buddy box lead - antoon - gadgets Sanwa (aka Airtronics) AM_FM Trainer Cord

regards Alan T. Alan's Hobby, Model & RC Web Links

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