Is the web an exponential entity??

I just got a very complimentary email from a new customer who, upon receiving the gfx for his model said, "EVERYBODY should know about your service!! I'm telling everyone in MY address book to tell everyone in THEIRS about you and your excellent graphics!! I hope that helps to get the word out... The web is an exponential entity."

A nice pat on the back.... Thanks, Freddie....

I might be a tad prejudiced, but I have to agree with him... In about 12 years of makin' li'l pieces of vinyl from big pieces, I have yet to get a complaint, and I still really enjoy what I do.

Everyone with whom I deal seems to be satisfied with both product and price... Many of you who frequent this group have told me the same thing. For those of you that have never tried my products, it costs nothing to inquire about your needs, and I'll welcome your emails..

Fred's praise makes me wonder, tho'... HOW exponential IS the internet?? If you wanna help me find out, take a minute to visit my site at

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Send my sites' URL to your modeling friends and family, and ask them to send it to THEIR friends and family, asking them the same.........

If ol' Fred's right about this exponential thing, in a few months I should be able to make a down payment on that Pacific Rim island I've alway wanted to own... You know, the one near New Zealand...........



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Bill Fulmer
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Cool message Bill....keep up the good quality work!


-- tailskid

Been modeling since '49 - which makes me an Old Fart

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