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Where could I obtain information about the JR PCM standard? I am talking bits, bytes and words here, want to experiment a bit.


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Well from my experiences don't bother calling JR. I am not sure that they will own up to making radios if you call for support.

Had a customer that had aquired a used 662 system. This model had a known flaw in the code in the TX. It would overwrite other saved data for airplanes other than the one you were programing. The customer wanted to know if this one had been fixed or not.

Called and tried to get a simple answer. Was told to ship it in and they would replace the CPU. They have no way to tell and even if they did they would not release that information to the customer.

Nice service NOT!


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Hugh Prescott

IMO "Was told to ship it in and they would replace the CPU" is correct answer and cheaper than you buying the rights to the firmware/software etc. There is still such a thing as "intellectual property" in this world where so many things are now copied / back engineered despite copyright.

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As the lead programmer and CEO of a software company involved with retail point of sales software I understand "intellectual property" and copyright issues.

There is little of that involved with replacing a unique to a model of transmitter CPU with one that has the proper code in it. What should have been done in the first.

Owning the transmitter gives you certain rights in the USA, gives you the right (if you can get to the code) to make a backup for yourself.

No real reason to make a user happy!

Even more worrying is a radio company that would not make every effort to fix problems in their embedded software to identify and prevent a RC pilot from using a transmitter with a known flaw.


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Hugh Prescott

Made by SANWA in Japan.

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Jim Slaughter

Not sure if they have the info you want, but it's worth having a look at the links on this page -

formatting link
The page has links to sites which provide tech info on xmitters etc


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