KAP rig + general RC n00b Q's

I'm considering building a KAP rig but am hesitant bc the only
experience with RC i have was a toysRus car i had when I was 9. I
didn't want to bump this really old post
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so I started a new
one. Also I wanted to mention here that Chris Benton's KAP site which
is linked from a few places in this ggroup, showcases a rig which is
quickly becoming a design template for my build. (KAP Rig No. 4
specifically. I'm building around a powershot too so hopefully I'll be
able to borrow quite a bit. Here's the page to which i'm referring
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Okay. I'm confident enough in my design/fabrication abilities to build
the rig. But as a RC n00b, I can't justify quadrupling the budget to
remote control the pant/tilt/shoot operation when a timing circuit can
accomplish the shooting part for a just a few bucks.
If I understand correctly, I need a TX, RX, power supply for both, 3
servos, and the right connecting wires. (I've seen this advertised as
an RC System on net.) I have not seen this for under about $120.00
though. Why then have I seen some "ready-to-fly" beginner RC planes
with all that stuff (and a model) for half the money?
Basically if I can get a ball-park for the most modest RC equip. to
accomplish this task, at least then I'd be able to make an informed
decision whether or not to pursue project further. I'm fresh out of
college so budget is key so that I can keep food in the kitchen.
Thanks in advance.
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On Wed, 4 Mar 2009 21:47:40 -0800 (PST), chisoxfan84 wrote in :
Lighter-duty stuff; economy of scale.
Where do you live? You could try to make friends with an RC club. Folks often have old systems that would work fine for KAP that they might donate to you for free or an 1/2 or 1/3 the cost of buying new.
I think you not only want the RC control but a video downlink, too, for real time feedback on where your camera is pointing. You'll only have to run your kite up and down a few times before you realize that random results aren't that much fun. (I'm just guessing.)
Here's my aerial photography:
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I've got some ancient links there. I haven't checked them in years ...
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