Rig Welders Fab table ideas?

I am a rig welder of 24 yrs. I always used the deck of my truck to spin
out pipe . I have been given a few contracts to spin out pipe in the comfort
of buildings so would like to be given any HTML's to any photos of any
"break down pipe welding table". Since I am now hauling a covered trailer
behind my rig (for pipestands to spin up to 48" pipe) I figured I may as
well haul a fab table inside the trailer too. I had never paid too much
attention to the other rig welders that had fab tables(They had skid units)
as I always used a deck....
I'm thinking of using 1/2 " plate aluminum for a top and then bolting
a flange to the bottom using pipe fittings and steel legs with those 'hammer
on unions" used for two-three inch pipe on degasser lines on the oil rigs.
Thanks for any constructive replies.... Would really appreciate
photos...any proud rig welder out there that wanna show what they
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