Mariner 40


On its second flight, my Mariner 40 had an unplanned ground contact incident, causing the pod to shear off and sink. As replacements are expensive, I want to fabricate a new one, but have nothing other than pictures to work from. If someone who has one of these could give me a few rough measurements, I'd really appreciate it.

What I think I need to know:

Height of the thrust line (motor mount) off of some fixed point like the top of the fuselage.

Angle of the motor mount in relation to something. In other words, is there significant up or down thrust? I don't need to know down to the degree, eyeball is good enough for me. I can shim it if it's not perfect.

I have asked Lanier for this info, or a drawing, as none comes with the kit, but no reply.

Replace with if you want to email me.

Thanks, and have a good day. Tom

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