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Well, less than 48 hours after stating I couldn't afford a new RC sim, I've found myself in the position of selling my G2 to my brother-in-law (who's ressurecting his Kalt Whisper) so I'm looking to get a new sim.

Obviously I've got a few good choices; Reflex XTR, RealFlight G3, AeroFly pro etc... (Anyone heard of RipMax??)

I'm going to use my Futaba 9C Tx with the sim and I don't care how I interface it to the sim. G3 is kind of tops on my list because I have all the Add-Ons for G2 and it comes with it's own Tx (so my son can bash on it - no way I'm letting him touch the 9C at this point) But I've heard good things about XTR and AeroFly as well.

As far as use goes, primarily helos, but I've got a number of planks and am building up my 1st electric foamie so will need to tune up my reflexes for that thing as well.

I know Steve R. is flying G3 so I'm sure he'll provide his $0.02.. Anyone flying XTR or AeroFly that cares to comment? (Anyone flying Dave Brown's sim or the RipMax stuff?)

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The OTHER Kevin in San Diego
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I have Real Flight G2 and FMS

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FMS is free, and pretty good. "Polished" and "FMS" don't really belong in the same sentence but if the model is set up correctly it works pretty well. It comes with a few planes and helis, and a few landscapes, and there are folks out there with aircraft on their websites.

Certainly the value / price ratio is infinite, which is more than you can say for any commercial simulator.

Hitec sells a buddy box to USB converter for FMS, which is where I found out about the simulator.

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Tim Wescott

Seems that if I have G2 already I wouldn't want to move to FMS as G2 does what I need and I've got my helo(s) modeled pretty decently now...

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The OTHER Kevin in San Diego

Hi Kevin, I bought Reflex XTR a couple of weeks back. Take longer to setup than I think Realflight does with their own dummy controller, as you need to program a spare heli slot on your radio and it can be a bitch getting all the functions working (at least it has been for me.) But once it's up and running it looks and feels great. (Though I needed to mod the standard Raptor models a bit, see an earlier thread I started on this.)


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Simon Robbins

I'm not too worried about initial setup. I'm planning on using my 9C as it is. I read some things with regards to G3 and it's collision detection that don't sound too cool (pieces coming off on "firm" landings) and some physics issues as well..

Either way it's looking like I'm going to be out around $200 for a new setup..

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The OTHER Kevin in San Diego

In my opinion XTR and G3 are very difficult to seperate.

XTR === has slightly better physics graphics better harder to set up needs to use your TX best for helis not so great for fixed wing free updates

G3 == better fixed wing more fun - unusual fields and multiplayer easier to set up controller choice - use dummy transmitter or your own TX have to pay for updates - e.g. if you want a raptor buy add-ons #3 bias toward fixed wing

A close call - either are great though

btw AFP is also very good but XTR and G3 have the biggest following



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Nigel Heather

I have/had RF, RF Deluxe, RF G2 & G2 USB, RF G3, Aerofly Pro Deluxe, Reflex XTR, and FMS (whew). My current preference is AFPD. The photorealistic fields are very good, Aircraft and scenery are free and the flight physics are realistic (a subjective opinion ). XTR requires too much tweaking to make the birds fly realistically but the scenery is good. I switch between XTR, AFPD, and G2 USB on a daily basis and I find that I fly AFPD about 97% of the time. My recommendation - a hearty AFPD. BTW, AFPD works with my RF G2 and G2 USB controllers.

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Ed Forsythe

I've been eyeballing AeroFly.. It sure looks nice and I've seen videos of what it's capable of (Same can be said for G3) so I'm still not sure which way I want to go.

I wish the LHS had all three to play with...

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The OTHER Kevin in San Diego

AeroFly Pro Deluxe is all Ed mentions; however if you have any problems, you have to jump through hoops by snail mail with Ikarus. I paid to get a bad cable, no help with the program that seems to re-boot spontaneously.

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rik street

Hi Kevin, Here're some of the problems I submitted to the Real Flight troops within the two months that I had G3. Remember I bought G3 almost as soon as it became available and I'd like to think that they have addressed some of the issues. Some were submitted by "Peefiftyonefan" and "YBLee." Good Luck -

  1. Models hit invisible obstruction (usually above trees).
  2. Can't size the window in *Window* mode.
  3. All of the G3 models I have flown will land themselves (hands off)!
  4. Some of the G2 models fly more realistically than the G3s.
  5. The Pitts is inclined to roll sharply to the left on T.O.
  6. The Pitts will nose over when speed dissipates on virtually any landing.
  7. Can't set T.O. position as easily as in G2.
  8. Stuttering after T.O even with adequate frame rates.
  9. Requires to much computer to run with everything turned on/up.
  10. Taylorcraft (Add-On4) will not fly inverted - Not enough down elevator.
  11. Multiplayer Mode (not online) will not save settings. Each time I access multiplayer I have to get rid of the ^%$#& Nextar trainer and re-select the aircraft I was flying in the previous session.
  12. Can't use the G3 controller with G2USB! or vice versa. Since I use both, I have 2 controllers on my desk *and* a transmitter that I have to switch between the G2 and G3 controllers. Cumbersome!
  13. Can't plug transmitter directly into USB bus (with a dongle). I should be able to use my transmitter without the G3 (G2) controller.

Peefiftyone fan:

  1. Screen resolution needs to be fixed every time I launch the program.
  2. All the planes seem harder to fly than in reality.
  3. I still get sound stuttering problems (on 2 different PC's).
  4. AnistophicFiltering slider (1-16) has no effect on image quality
  5. Selecting aircraft is very slooooow (confirmed on 2 fast PC's)
  6. Very hard to fly the P-51 inverted seems like not enough elevator to control easily.
  7. SplitScreen multiplayer is useless unless you could do it with a jumbo monitor or dual screens.
  8. I have not been able to connect to an online multiplay session yet.
  9. Editing aircraft is very complicated -was easier in G2.
  10. Selecting aircraft is very slooooow (confirmed on 2 fast PC's)...


  1. XP "Auto'Standby" mode causes periodic re-boots on my PC.
  2. Norton's AntiVirus 2005 "Auto-Protect" mode causes G3 to crash when trying to boot my PC:
  3. Heli's melt into the tarmac after crash like sinking into Quicksand.
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Ed Forsythe

Well that's ONE thing where its better than real life then;-)

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The Natural Philosopher

That must be some sort of common sim bug. I use FMS and some models sink slowly into the runway while I'm getting ready to take off!

Good flying, desmobob

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Great info to have.. perhaps I'll call the RealFlight folks in the morning and see if this stuff has been addressed. Any program updates been issued yet??? (not necessarily addressing these issues)

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The OTHER Kevin in San Diego

Real Flight has made a number of updates to G3 and the auto update feature works smoothly. I can't say I've had any trouble with wrecked helicopters sinking into the runway.

Aerofly Professional Deluxe is cool, G3 is cool, I bought G3 and I have fun with it and it's improved my flying skills. I can't vouch for any of the other sims, but only because I haven't tried them.

"The OTHER Kevin in San Diego" wrote in message news:

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Ed Paasch

"The OTHER Kevin in San Diego" wrote in message news:

I haven't had any of those problems since the on-line upgrade several months ago. I didn't have most of them in any case. I can't speak for the Taylorcraft, since I haven't purchased any add-ons and don't intend to at the price they want for them. As for comparing G3 with G2, I can't do that since I've never used G2.

I suspect #12 above is a result of rotten planning, poor program engineering or greed, but is stupid in any case. Why not have two ways to buy G3..... with controller and without (for those who have G2.

#13 is definitely a self-serving "feature", but same comments as above apply.

I don't use Norton, so I don't have a problem with that; I use AVG and you should too. Its one of the better freebies on the net.

As for comparisons with actually flying a plane, I have no frame of reference since I'm a greenhorn and haven't had the opportunity to demolish a real plane yet.

Despite a few problems (like G3 won't run on my laptop and since the update it appears that someone bit a corner off the little popup screens (nav aids?) I really like the program. Anyone who is contemplating buying it ought to first check EBay for a better price than the $199 they want at retail. Since a lot of people bought it to run on inadequate machines, it can be had for $150 on EBay and you can still register it and get the update. I bought mine that way from a guy down in Florida and Great Planes fixed me right up. You definitely need the update that you will download after registration.


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H Davis

Not an issue with this machine. P4 2.8Ghz @ 3.5Ghz, gig o' ram, GeForce6600 w/512M. Bus is overclocked as well. Plenty of "oomph" for everything I've thrown at it.

I've only purchased 1 Kyosho product and that was an RC car that was only slightly above the level of stuff you see at the neighborhood toy shop.

I cannibalized an old Tx that became illegal in 1991, cobbled up my own cable and had an engineer buddy figure out the "brains" of the thing. I'm not sure I even have it anymore - I certainly haven't seen it in the past 15 years or so. I think I played with it for a few weeks when I 1st got it working, but it wasn't helping much.

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The OTHER Kevin in San Diego

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