nimh vs nicad- cycles before discard

assuming that both types were the same capacity and drawn down to the same
level and charged appropriately.Which chemistry type would yield the greater
number of cycles (charge/discharge)? TIA Pat
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patrick mitchel
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One sees ads for this and that number of discharge cycles. 1000 for example. Not wanting to start any flame wars, but in reality cell life is mostly voodoo science .
Sorry I don't have any definitive numbers for you, but in my experience, the voodoo magic is the truth.
Best bet if you really want to use the cells/packs as long as possible, is to cycle them on a device that measures their true capacity vs. rated capacity. Generally 80-85% of rating is toss away time.
If you're flying with these cells/packs, what's best it to replace them every couple years. Packs are cheap compared to models or spectators.
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Ni-Cd would win in this account. Ni-Cd capacity stays relative constant compared to Ni-MH that deteriorate in capacity with cycling.
Red S. Red's R/C Battery Clinic
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us out for "revolting" information
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Red Scholefield
IME Nicad.
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The Natural Philosopher

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