OK so i know nothing

As above, however I do understand some hairydynamics, I can build / sew / fly kites to a good standard, I can get by with electronics (C+G), mechanically I am fine (HNC).

I would like to ask the assembled masses "what (as a UK based) potential modellr should I do next in order to get into rc-aeromodelling?"

TIA, Roger

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Roger, Check out

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for a list of clubs-find your 'local' one, pop along one fine weekend and have a good ol' look see of what they fly, chat to the members, decide then if it's really what you want, then pick their brains about equipment/costs etc.etc. Shouldn't be too long before you are hooked.....! You should also check out the newsgroup uk.rec.models.radio-control.air and get more answers to all the inevitable questions you will have. You will find them a friendly bunch-just like our friends here in this group. HTH Flyboy

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Find a local club via teh BMFA and wander up. See what appeals as a target, then come back to uk.rec.modelling.rc.air or whatever its called, and ask how to get there.

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