OS 60 engine

A friend of mine gave me a secondhand OS engine. It says MAX-H and it has a number "60" casted into the crankcase. Also, the muffler is a strap-on contraption.

The carb IMHO wrongly fitted to it seems like some Webra product. What carb should one fit to it? Were these good machines? I visited

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but couldn't find anything on this particular machine.


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OS engines with the H designation were made in the seventies. You might have a collectible on your hands, depending upon the condition, i.e., broken lugs, cracks, major scratches.

Yes, they were excellent engines. I flew several Max H engines during the early seventies. Loved every one of them.


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Also have a H engine; H60GP with a rear mounted carb on it. When I bought it it was quite an oddity. Still runs well.

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