Hobbico "Nexstar"

Has anyone flown this model? I'm looking to get into the hobby and I believe
this to be a good trainer. Please let me know if you have any comments
conerning this plane.
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It's fine for learning, but there are other choices that are significantly cheaper, and just as viable for learning. The Nexstar, especially the RTF version is loaded with stuff that's not needed for learning. The Tower Trainer is one choice that's less $. I suggest finding a local instructor and see what he says. You might also go to R/C Universe
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and spend some time looking at the beginner's forum. Lots of discussion there on trainers. Good luck, it's a fun hobby.
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I have the superstar 40 and it is cheaper and flys fine. There are no "magic" airplanes for the zero experience pilot.
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jim breeyear
Well, I have one and I don't think it is "expensive". The ARF variation was only $110. It is very well built and I think only complaint is that it is a little "too" capable. With a SuperTiger45 I had to fly at less than 1/2 trottle to keep the speed down. As you get better at it, it will outperform any trainer out there in speed and agility when you run the trottle up to Full.
I'm still using a "human" trainer on the buddy-box and every trainer that I had commented on how the performance was more than they expected of a "40" size trainer.
There is also a RTF variation (Ready to fly) that comes with radio, engine, a flight simulator for you PC, a special "self-correcting" receiver & sensor. The price on it is $380. They call the self-correcting receiver their "Automatic Flight Stablization" system. It can be turn on or off and is ajustable for sensitivity,...not everyone will want to use it, but its there if you want it. It and the Flight Simulator only come with the RTF version. The ARF version is just the Plane and Hardware.
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