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I have one of the original Right Flyer 40T ARF kits that I bought some time ago, but never assembled. I have to questions:

1) Does anyone have a soft-copy of the manual for this plane? Over the years and moving from place to place, I don't know what happened to mine... I might have pulled it out for an evening read one time, and never returned it.

2) Does anyone have any experience making this model into an electric plane? I'm new to the hobby, so please don't chase me off just yet! :) I'm more familiar with the electrics, and have more opportunity to fly them in the area I live... I'd like to convert it to gas eventually, but only after getting used to the handling of the plane. It's heavier than the standard electric (at 5.3 pounds), but has a huge 730+ inches of air foil. Would an electric motor be enough to get it airborne and around the park a couple of times?

Thanks for your responses! Arthur

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Arthur Henry
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1) I might. Will have to dig around in the shop. 2) Nope. I have yet to do an electric conversion of anything and I dont know that the Right Flyer 40T would be a good candidate. Main thing that I remember was that it kind of flew like a pig powered by my .46LA. That same engine powered one of the old Global Airmaster 40T trainers and that was a flyin sumbitch so it wasnt the engine. If you didnt already have the plane I would recommend something else like a Sig LT-40. Anyway, I will root around in the garage and see if I have that manual or not. If so, I can probably scan the sucker for you and email it.
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Fubar of The HillPeople

You probably could electrify it but it would cost dearly. That plane was a real pig for its size and always came out heavier than the box said. Add to that the weight of the motor and batteries and it will be worse. For an electric, I would go with something a bit smaller and lighter. There are several trainers designed for electrics. I built and flew a SkyVolt a few years back. Astro 05 would get it off the ground.

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Paul McIntosh

Go to thye Global site..I think you can download the manual from them...Andy

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Andy & Carol

1) See if the manual is available on the Global Hobbies website.

2) Search for the article "Electrifying the Ace Cloud Dancer" in

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The author has included a number of formulas that will give you the information you need to electrifying the Right Flyer. It will probably be rather expensive.


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Morris Lee

On 3/1/2004 3:48 PM Ted shuffled out of his cave and grunted these great (and sometimes not so great) words of knowledge:

Go to E-Zone

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They have several articles there that will help you with the motor (gearbox)/ESC/battery selection for a plane that size. They have motors/ESC/batteries that can handle up to a

16 lb plane now (AXI).

Another alternative is to contact one of the manufacturers (Aveox, Max-Cim, AXI, etc) and see what they recommend for a "Plug and Play" setup.

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