Memorabilia- American Flyer

I have a manual (instruction booklet) entitled " Instructions for
Assembling and Operating American Flyer 3/16" Scale Trains and
Equipment". It was dveloped at the Gilbert Hall of Science and is the
copyright date is: 1947.
Question: is it worth anything to collectors/enthusiasts? Thanks in
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Gene Cyprych
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It sounds like it obviously would be. Take a look at Ebay and see if you can find similar items. Probably under ''O'' scale. If you want to test the market, put it on Ebay with a high reserve and see how high the bids go.
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Barney Rubble
Yes it's worth something, but not too much. The similar Lionel document from 1947 is listed in Greenberg's guide at between $4 and $10 depending on condition. Fewer AF booklets would have been produced, but the AF market is much smaller, so I'd expect similar prices for yours. I have a 1947 copy in my collection (yellow cover printed in red, 48 pages) which I was given by a local train dealer who felt there was no demand for it amongst all his customers. GQ
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Make that under "S-scale". Something like these?
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?ViewItem&item=3171235971&category=480 If you check completed items, they don't seem to be selling well at all. I did a search for "instructions" under "Model RR, Trains - S scale".
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