Wright Flyer

For those dabbling with the model, the Dec 2003 issue of National
Geographic has a right nice (pun intended) fold-out near the front
that gives a nice view of the craft and the various wires/cables. Not
being an 'airhead' my use of the proper term is lacking, however I'd
guess that the 'X' bracing etc that Mr Shuey referred to in a recent
post, shows up will in the picture.
FWIW, Nat'l Geographic has a "Build a 3D virtual" model of the flyer, a
'build-it in layers' thing you can view, kinda nifty. No need to be a
subscriber to look at it either. The same link has several 3D views of
several other aircraft too, incl the SR-71. That issue of the magazine
has quite a large article on aircraft. Link below...
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