ROL NEWS--BeeLine Transmitter Released

BeeLine Transmitter Released
June 22, 2005
Web posted at: 1:06 PM EDT
(ROL Newswire) -- BigRedBee is pleased to announce the release of
their new radio tracking beacon specifically designed for rocketry use!
The BeeLine Transmitter is fully user programmable and can be set to any
frequency in the 70cm amateur radio band.
The +12dbm output can easily track a rocket more than five miles in the
air and two miles on the ground. The rechargeable lithium polymer
battery lasts over 48 hours. The entire unit measures less than 1" x 2",
fits inside a 29mm body tube, and weighs less than 1 oz including
No dedicated receiver is required; simply use any 70cm FM handheld radio
or scanner and an easy to make Yagi antenna. Package deal including
transmitter, PC serial interface, rechargeable battery and charger is
priced at less than $100. Additional transmitters can be purchased
BigRedBee will only sell the BeeLine Transmitter to licensed Ham Radio
Operators. Please provide your call sign when ordering.
For more information, please see
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Source: BigRedBee
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They're nifty little transmitters, and an amateur license only costs $14 (ARRL testing fee). A 70cm handheld transceiver will set you back $100 - $200, depending on the model, and the Yagi antenna costs under $20 to make.
Not as fancy or easy "out of the box" as the Rocket Hunter, Walston, etc units, but still VERY nice. Our club has several, and I'll be ordering my two on Friday.
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Kevin Trojanowski
These are very good units and very affordable. I've got one and just use a cheap used scanner I got off of e-bay, and I made my own yagi antenna out of spare junk for a few dollars.
The neat thing about them is that you can program the frequency so that you won't be sharing the same frequency with anyone else.
Well worth getting the amateur license required to purchase one.
Mike Fisher Binder Design
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Rick bought into a Rocket Hunter setup with Don Rice and a few others; or, he could've been talking about what these.
Greg has been making his own 70cm transmitters for years; I actually flew (and broke) one in Lusty on her maiden voyage in Amarillo. Doug has a couple of the BeeLine transmitters, and I'll be ordering two tomorrow, along with my radios.
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