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RockSim Database Updated March 3, 2005 Web posted at: 1:07 PM EST

(ROL Newswire) -- Apogee Components has updated the RockSim engine database to include every certified rocket motor on the NAR/CAR/TRA combined list of approved motors. This new database is in the RASP.eng format, allowing it to be used in any software program that supports this common engine format.

There are over 363 motors in the new database, compared to approximately

250 in the old data files. The database also includes many new motors that were certified after the NAR/CAR/TRA list was released in mid-2004.

This extensive motor database allows modelers using a simulation program (like RockSim) to pre-test their rockets with even more motor choices than before. Knowing how rockets will perform prior to launching them can increase safety and reliabilty. Because it reduces the chances of an expensive mishap, performing a preflight simulation may save rocketeers money.

The free data file can be downloaded from the Apogee Components web site at:

formatting link

Source: Apogee Components

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Quick note on this - the manufacturers' names used within the files are WAY too long for wRasp to read properly... they have to be cut down to three or four characters, otherwise the program crashes.

And I don't know WHY Tim says that plugged motors aren't supported by wRasp - plugged motors simply have an ejection-delay time of 0.

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Len Lekx

ejection delay of zero is wrong - that means no delay, which makes it a booster motor.

try delay of 100 or 1000 instead. same effect as plugged motor.

Tim covers this and more in the latest Apogee newsletter, number 139.

hope that helps

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Cliff Sojourner

Doesn't matter - the sim keeps running until apogee.

I've tried this... I know. :-)

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Len Lekx

If you use a '0' motor and 'deploy parachute at maximum ejection' you get high-speed deployment...

I thought '37' was used for plugged motors.

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Niall Oswald

That's for RockSim... wRasp is different.

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Len Lekx

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