Spirit of St. Louis kit/plan?

Been searching on Google for a while and have not come up with much in the
way of finding scale drawings or maybe at best find a kit that is around a
60 thru 1.2 (engine) size. I have a set of plans for a 1/4 scale, but think
this may be a touch out of my skill/price range and would most likely be a
long term project and mucho bucks. As I said, I can take sheet plans and
turn it into a fairly reasonable fact simile of what the plans state but a
kit would be more desirable. Thanks in advance for advice.
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Mark Daughtry, SR
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The January 1979 issue of Flying Models has one, in a 93" wing span. It's listed for .40 to .71 engines, so it'd do fine on a .60. It's a really pretty model.
Their plans service has them available:
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The plans themselves look detailed enough for an experienced builder to duplicate, although you may want to see if you can find a copy of the article if you want to build the plane (FM doesn't have that one in their back-issue list).
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Tim Wescott
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I don't remember the size, but can be scaled to whatever you need.
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