1/48 Spirit of St Louis

Hello all,
I'm looking for a 1/48 kit of the Spirit of St Louis, I'v seen here
that there is a "Glencoe" kit that is not of great quality, does
anybody knows of another kit ?
Also, what are the 1/72 kits ?
In fact I'v found a french kit that I might buy, it looks great but
rather expensive (130 euros!)
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In 1:72, there was the old Frog version as well (I got mine in an AMT re-pop "Ocean Conquerors" set [Bleriot, Spirit and Southern Cross]) It had a little wider fuselage than the Hawk/Testors version, and the plastic was softer and easier to work with. I didn't make it right from the box, however, I kitbashed it back to the Ryan B-5 (I think) Brougham. Came out nice too.
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The Old Timer
It's not all that bad. It's the old Lindberg kit (no relation to Charles) also put out as a Pegaso kit. About the only option in this scale, I think.
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In 1/72 there is a Testors kit which dates quite far back into the '50s and was originated by Hawk. There was a kit by Frog re-released by Novo. It's nicer than the Testors and has more detail but availability is problematic.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Bill Banaszak
Thanks a lot for the paper references ! I think I will do this one, I like to have various material models.
But I have bought the Blériot and Demoiselle from AJP, they really look great :
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