St. Louis Arch Success!

Many, many, many thanks to all the folks who contributed to the thread
I started awhile back RE the St. Louis Arch!
It was executed, *perfectly* about 20 minutes ago in front of 130
Kindergarten through 4th. graders!
I got a standing ovation... definitely a first!
Here're some technical details regarding the flight. My flying area
is relatively small, and _closely_ surrounded by VERY tall trees on
three sides. It's the playground behind the school. I've flown on
the field before but usually only 1/4, 1/2, and full A's. A B6-4 in
an Estes Big Bertha is really pushing the envelope if there's any
wind. After a wind check with an Estes Gnome on a 1/2A, I loaded a
C5-3 into the Bertha, and taped on the 80' streamer. I was going to
go with a B6-4, but my gut told me it just wouldn't be enough power to
get all that crepe paper into the air. I knew that if the streamer
tore at launch with the C5-3, Bertha would end up very far back in the
woods, but what the heck, it's had a great life with a great number of
launches. I angled the launch rod about 3-5 degrees *with* the wind,
and also to avoid the crowd.
It's pretty funny to hear 130 kids trying to remain in-sync while
counting down from 10...
Beautiful, arcing flight with the Bertha towing all 80' of the
streamer well into the air. SWAG altitude estimate was probably
100-120', tops. Mylar recovery streamer was deployed, and the rocket,
and streamer were all recovered safely on the field.
Thanks again!
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Cool! Kids really add to the experience.
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I'm glad it worked out! Maybe someone took a photo? I'll forward info from your message to the fellow who gave me the information on it. He loves to do school outreach and stuff like that. He'll be pleased that an arch was so well received.
They sure look good when they work.
Len Bryan
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Len Bryan
Boy, I hope so! There were an awful lot of cameras around, as this was a celebration of the last year for the school building. It's been in service as a school since 1929. Next year, the kids get to go to a newly constructed one.
Please let him know! And I really appreciate your help in this Len!
Roger that! Especially with the C. Slow, noisy, almost laborious liftoff. Very cool!
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That St. Louis arch idea precisely captures the spirit of the Imagination Celebration at NARAM 46! Here's hoping you can bring some more great ideas like that to us this summer at Great Meadow! RE
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I did two more SLA's (no, not the Symbionese Liberation Army ;), at another school last week. Again, with the Big Bertha, using C6-3's, and both were perfect even though my flying area was really small.
Got an envelope from the school earlier this week filled with hand-drawn thank you cards from the class. Funny thing was, many of the pictures drawn illustrated the Bertha streamer flight!
Very much the "crowd pleaser"...
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