rmr improvement weekend.

Please don't post anything but rockets this weekend. If we can handle one day, maybe 2,....

Simple criteria. Before pressing send ask yourself "is this post a question/answer related to designing, building, or flying a model rocket?".

Feel free to delete the message if it's not.

Joel. phx

This group is only as good as the restraint of it's posters. Posting the same statement over and over again {obviously} isn't going to change anyone's mind or reach some -magical- conclusion. Naturally, you're free to respond to this post, but doing so kind of defeats the message (even the "I agree"s). I'll not respond further.

Happy flights and keep the pointy end up.

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Joel Corwith
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Sounds like a good idea to me. I'd liked to think everyone will go along with it.

You realize Joel, this requires some intelligence, not to mention some consideration for the others of the group.

Why not get started by listing what you happen to be working on or your flight plans for the holiday weekend?

We're hoping to get some repairs, building and flying done by Monday evening. If the weather is good, we'll spend Monday eating BBQ and burning off some excess engines. There was a nice rain here today, so the fire hazard is gone for us.

I hope you guys in California get some rain soon and the fire problems there cease.


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Nice try but you know everything that is wrong in rocketry & the government can be traced back to TRA illegally decertifying Jerry's motors.

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Phil Stein

My 11th graders will be launching their projects Sunday AM. We've got a couple of LOC Viper IVs, some scratch-built cluster jobs, a knock-off V-2, a whole bunch of heavily bashed Shecter Egg Lofters (they must deliver the egg a clean 300 feet up so boosters and or dual stages have been added), a couple of Vaughn Brothers EX 24s, at least three different Big Daddy cluster jobs, a Comanche 3, about 15 TFN 18mm rockets, a couple of gliders, an LOC

4" V-2, a RV Machbuster (we lost this one four years ago and then found it last year. It is still beautiful. The BMW paint that the kid's father applied really held up well), and a few others that I can't recall. Most will be burning BP motors, a few, as noted above will be using AP motors. IIRC, we will be launching a couple of 29mm G160s and G240s as well. One student is trying for some big altitude using a G008 on a modified Mean Machine. So, it looks like a day of fun. I will be trying out my new Magnablaster (looks like it's gonna kick butt). Lets just hope the winds are merciful. We will be launching from around 7:30 AM until about 11:00 AM in an effort to avoid some of the wind.
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Reece Talley

Yea! As a new reader to rmr (but certainly not Usenet), I have to say that my introduction to this group has been less than pleasant... in just a handful of days, I've killfiled a religious argument, multiple threads involving a lawbreaker and his detractors throwing mud at each other, and another mud-slinging argument over safety (apparently greatly complicated by both sides talking past each other or just misunderstanding), and an argument about the ability of model rockets to be used in terrorist activity.

Some of these conversations cover very important topics. But they're being carried on in a most uncivil and _unhelpful_ manner.

I came here looking for rocketry information and I see more name-calling than anything else. If this is what rocketry hobbiests are like in general, it sure makes _me_ want to run right out and find people just like you bunch in my local area, so I can experience this kind of "friendly debate" in person!

Is this the impression you want to give people of this hobby?

If you can take a piece of advice to a newbie in your group, I'd like to add one more bit to Joel's... before you post, ask yourself, "Is this post going to display the members of my hobby in a good light?"

Oh, and Hi! I'm Carl, I live in Kansas, and I built my first rocket in the 7th grade (can you say "Alpha III"?), then promptly lost it on its second flight and didn't bother with a second. Now I'm 35 and my

4-year-old son thinks rockets are pretty nifty (he likes the Gumby video a lot), and he's given me an excuse to explore a hobby I've always been interested in but could never justify the time for. We've flown an "RTF" Patriot, and just finished building and painting our Quark last night. Hoping the weather cooperates for a launch this weekend.

Glad to meet y'all, even if you've been a bit unruly.

-- Carl D Cravens ( snipped-for-privacy@phoenyx.net) Old immortals never die, they just... don't.

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Carl D Cravens

I'm going to spend as much of the weekend as possible doing some catch up finishing.

  1. Edmonds Deltee Thunder - needs about an hour
  2. LOC Viper III - Fin Repair
  3. Sumo - Repaint
  4. Finish initial build of an Outlander
  5. Try and get the fin can of my Sudden Rush and Endeavor completed

Non Rocketry - finish my Niles OS-6 / ADCOM GFA535 install so I can listen to the stereo whilst soaking in the spa.

And If I start feeling to productive, I'll VPN into work and try to reduce my e-mail inbox to zero.

That 'bout covers it.

Oh yeah and reserve a couple of hours while funny furrin guys who wished they drove NASCAR take a 500 mile jaunt in Indianapolis.

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Al Gloer

This is kind of rocketry related, but I'll be spending the weekend making sure that the Hybrid system I have cooling and heating my house keeps working. It's a gas/liquid device who's purpose in life is to discharge cool air into the house when it's hot, and to eject warm air when it's cold. (Trane Xe 900). The only recovery device is a cold brew if the thing doesn't fly.

I do think that I got it fixed, after getting qoutes that it would cost $60 for having someone show up to just look at it, to $3k-$5k to replace it, as it was "too old to work on" (it was made in 89)

I scratched my head, and said "this ain't rocket science", got out my VOM and read the schmatic.....

Got the part in the mail today (I could NOT find anyone that would sell it to me locally).

End result, it was

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AZ Woody

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David Weinshenker

For $6.00, I'll guess the motor starting capacitor.

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Too late; since I started agressively plonking annoying posters, rmr just went away...


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Gary Crowell / VCP


formatting link

100% rocketry 100% ontopic 100% of the time...

shockie B)

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Now you understand rmr!

You cannot. rmr is "special".

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Jerry Irvine

Well, maybe not 100%!

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Jerry Irvine

I know this comment is made in jest, but it is more truthful than you realize.

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Jerry Irvine

Big Fine replied:

Jerry, you can't handle the truth.

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That's what it was! It had just been replaced 3 years back (by a service guy), and there was a second one, that was not even "in the loop". When the "functioning one" was installed, the old one was only using one terminal, as a splice! (2 wires to one terminal, nothing to the other). The thing that confused me, was that the motor (the fan in this case) would start except when the unit was in the sun, and often run correctly, but once in a while, would just quit after running for 3-5 minutes.

The functioning cap wasn't mounted to anything (just hanging by wires), and it did appear that at some time it had "sparked" against the frame. The bracket was there, and even the "removed screw", but seems when it was replaced, the extra step of screwing it was never done!

Hey, less than $10 to fix and I learned allot! (like never to call the AC folks that said I should just replace the whole unit!)

Yup.. It's a heat pump

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AZ Woody

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