ST 2300 OK?

Like to purchase Super Tigre 2300 (1.4 cu in) new. What has been your experience with this engine. It is very inexpensive compared to others in this size range and if there are no bad reports I would consider purchasing one.


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The bad reports will have come from people who do NOT know how to treat the big Tigres.

  1. Use PowerMaster ST ( or similar ) Super Tigre fuel..... the biggies do not like standard glow fuel. They like less nitro, and much less oil.

  1. Break it in on a test stand..... at least 90 minutes run time before attempting to set the idle and fly it in a plane. Even then, DO NOT lean it out, leave it somewhat rich for the next couple of hours of flight time.. The big ST motors take 3-4 hours of run time before they are really ready to idle nicely - and haul a$$ when you go WOT.


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David AMA40795 / KC5UH


the 2300 is NOT one of the old generation "Big Tigres"


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This is the G2300 from SuperTigre. Note: This engine has G20 stamped on the side of crankcase.

FEATURES: Side exhaust (Muffler is unique to the G2300 Non-Swing Style) Steel cylinder and lightweight piston Stronger yet lightweight 1-piece crankcase Dual ball bearing-supported crankshaft Ringed piston Front-mounted carb 3-year warranty

INCLUDES: Muffler (non-swing), muffler screws, muffler gasket, assembled engine, manual, parts diagram, warranty card, and glow plug.

REQUIRES: Propeller: 16x8, 18x8, 18x10 Glow Fuel: Minimum of 18% high quality oil by volume in fuel, **DO NOT USE "ST"-TYPE FUELS!!!** Nitro content should be between 5-15%. SUPERTIGRE Recommends Fuel with 18% oil MINIMUM.

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Bob Cowell

I forgot that they are now China Tigres, NOT Super Tigres. Goes to show the difference between Italian machinery and Chinese machinery.


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David AMA40795 / KC5UH


My G-2300, an Italian produced version, ran perfectly well on 5% nitro standard two-stroke glow fuel. It idled perfectly out of the box, once the ST glow plug was changed out to an OS Type-F.

The instructions explicitly warned against using ST fuel. Anne Marie Cross also warned against using ST fuel. The lady knew what she was talking about.

How much oil used in the fuel depends upon a number of factors and is not dictated by the displacement of the engine. Materials used, type of bearings and most importantly, the normal running tolerances of the engine, make the most difference.

The G-2300 is not a typical big Tigre.

Sonny Traeger

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Sonny Traeger

Surely a great engine. Mine is flown every weekend since 2 years, piped and with a Perry carb. APC

16X10. Regular 75/20/5 fuel. OSF plug.
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The 2000-series were never considered "big Tigres," even the ones from Italy.

Your advice only applies to the 3250 and 4500.

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Mathew Kirsch

My 2500's don't like anything but Tiger Fuel!

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