Other Covering compared to Monokote

Can you share your opinions on how Coverite Iron on flim and Towercoat compare
to Monokote? I`ve used Monokote and Econokote, don`t really care for the
Econokote. I`m guessing that the Towercoat is the same as Econokote, am I
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On 5/4/2004 9:34 AM Ted shuffled out of his cave and grunted these great (and sometimes not so great) words of knowledge:
TowerKote and EconoKote are the same thing. They are both LOW TEMP films.
I have not used Coverite film.
Ultracote films are low temp and, IMHO, substantially better than MonoKote. I prefer and use them instead of Monokote ($$$kote). Ultracote also has matching spray cans of paint that apply/lay better than Lustercote paint.
And EXCELLENT fabric covering is SolarTex. Prepainted/pre glued (also available unpainted), substantially lighter than Coverite prepainted fabric, does tips and corners much better than Coverite fabric, low temp and DOES NOT require BalsaRite or StixIt to adhere to the framework. An additional plus (at least for me) is that the overlap seams are much less noticable than with the Coverite fabric.
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Ted Campanelli
Econokote is not fuel proof. Towercote may be, but it's damned thin and hard to work with. They are both low temperature coverings. The Towercote melts through and tears easily. I have not used Coverite film.
For shiny plastic coverings, I prefer Monokote and Ultracote. Ultracote is slightly easier to work with, but Monokote has more colors. Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"
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Skylane I like the towercote real well..Just tryed it the first time on a 4*60 and really like the way it goes on..Ive always used monocote,coverite and silk and dope but I must say for the price and looks for a model thats going to get used alot ,ill be going with TowerKote.. Just my thoughts.. Thomas
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If you like iron on coverings, then try some Ultracote. It is much easier to get great results with it. One big feature is that the color is not in the glue so you don't have to worry about smears.
-- Paul McIntosh
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Paul McIntosh
I like Solar Tex because it's easy to apply and you don't see seams.Personally, I like Monokote over Ultrakote but that's just me. I think that whether you choose film or fabric depends on the type of plane it is. I use film for high performance planes and I use fabric for my bipes, Cubs and any "older" plane
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I am one of those few strange modelers that prefers Monokote to Ultracoat. I have tried most all of the plastic coverings, and always end up coming back to Monokote. I guess I have more experience with it so it is easier for me to work with. And it has the most colors available over all of the other products out there. As for fabric, I like 21st Century fabric. It works easily and looks great.
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David Morris
Every time I try something new, I come back to MonoKote. I have had good results and horrible results with UltraCote, especially -Plus, and think their quality control is substandard. For fabric, 21st Century does a nice job.
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John R. Agnew
I too prefer monokote. I have an arf with ultracoat and don't like the way it works.
John VB
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