Out-of-true tailplane.

I've just put together a cheapo foamy P51D (36" span) but after glueing the
tailplane with epoxy (pushed thru slot in fuse) I went for lunch and the
model fell off my workbench with the result that the tailplane got moved and
the epoxy has set with the tailplane being about 2 degrees out of alignment
with the wing.
Does anyone know what effect this will have on flight characteristics so
that I'll have some idea what might happen when I hand launch it for the
first time?
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I know a few guys will want to disagree with this, but you will likely notice no ill effects. The flight characteristics of your plane will be altered if the incidence changed, or if the stabilizer is considerably bigger on one side than the other.
As long as you didn't change the incidence, don't worry about it unless it looks terrible.
Gee, I wonder if anybody has a link they can post regarding top posting...
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Robert Reynolds
I think it may be difficult to trim. I have not had an electric that was "in" trim. I'm sure you are more contentious than I am. :) mk
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The most obvious problem you might see is in a loop. Trimming might be a bit more difficult if the change is effecting a twist to the air flow, but not a show stopper.
Good luck and let us know how it works out...
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Depends on which way it is out of true. If it rotated the stab so one tip is more forward than the other, then I would agree with the poster who said it wouldnt matter much. If, on the other hand, it tilted the stab so one tip is highrer than the other then the results would be a tenddency to want to circle.
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Ed Smega

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