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Hi - forgive me I'm a mechnical guy with limited electrical knowledge.: )

I noticed cell phone batteries have small circuit boards at the end of the pack. What is the purpose of the board?

I am being tasked with a project using arrays of larger lithium cells - I think there are 12 per pack. Each array comes with a circuit board at the end as well. I noticed on the circuit board there looks to be a small buzzer or something? Am I correct in seeing that?

If I wish to disassemble the packs to make larger arrays - could I have a circuit board built to handle the larger array? Or is it more advantageous to have a bunch of smaller arrays/packs than one large one?

Lastly, are battery packs assembled in series or parrallel and what is the thining behind one over the other?

Any help appreciated -

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That question may be out of the realm of the modelers here but have look here. This site is a wealth of information.

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try here.
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Ray Haddad

Lithium type batteries in commercial devices must have circuitry to make sure thy don't discharge too low or charge too fast or to long. It may also have the vibrate part of a cell phone on the battery. You can put them in both series or parallel, depends on the demands of the circuit you are making them for. They solder with aluminum solder I think. I know guys here know much more than I do about this and I'm sure they will chime in. If you are planning to run something with high amps with your pack(ei. motor for RC plane) cells from a cell phone may not take the high rate of discharge and may ruin. You may be better off buying loose cells from a place like

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or many others.

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Esssntially to protect the pack from over charge and discharge.

No way to tell looking from here..

You could if you are going into a safety conscious production environment. As aeromodellers we run without any 'condoms', and accept the fact that whilst this means we get the power, sometimes we get the smoke and fire also.

Yes. Definitely ;-) Both. Either.


Got to the batteries forum on

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and get reading the sticky threads.

In there is most of the salient points from a few years of intense experience of many people.

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The Natural Philosopher

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also does BIG loose cells.

Most cells have welded nickel tabs these days and do not require Al

*flux* to solder. They never needed AL *solder*. 60/40 works a treat.
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The Natural Philosopher

"The Natural Philosopher" wrote

And 2% silver bearing solder is even better.

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