Fadal 32MP - CMOS Battery

Booted up one of the Fadals this morning and was greeted with a battery low warning and had to re-configure the BIOS settings to get it working properly.

The lithium battery is soldered to the main-board. Has anybody managed to successfully replace one? It doesn't appear to be too bad of a job for someone with just mediocre soldering skills. Yes / No?

I don't think I want to know how much Fadal charges for a replacement board.

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Black Dragon
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You can get a battery "socket" that will take a standard (2032?) Lithium Ion battery and cut out the old part and replace with the new one. Now, if I can just remember where I got the damned thing...................:>/

You could probably get the parts at any electronices store. Fry's would have it.

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John R. Carroll

Agreed suggest if possible then clip the leads long and use pigtails to attach a new separate battery holder someplace, would allow for subsequent changeout without loss of settings so long as the replacement is done while the unit is powered on--stay with the lithium same voltage else ive always simply clip loose and glom on a new one but this was on our telco switch as so far never had a fadal battery go.

Double check pretty sure oem one would be this:

formatting link

In which case the physical boundry dimensions would be exzatly same as any old garden variety AA cell and so should be pretty easy to source a suitable holder for doing the remote install thing.

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