Would a P-39 perform any better with taildragger style landing gear? Is it worth doing? This is being made for aerobatics not scale. Thanks

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Both weight and drag would be decreased, assuming you're using fixed gear, which would make it perform better. But... why a P-39 for aerobatics? There are a lot of sport and aerobatic planes out there that are better aerobats than the P-39.

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Morris Lee

A strange choice, but I will defend to (near) the death your right to do it.

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John R. Agnew

Isn't the wing on a P-39 set relatively far back? Good for trike landing gear but maybe dicey for conventional gear. Maybe you would need to bend the gear wire forward so that the axle was, say, directly below the leading edge of the wing.

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Ken Morano

I am rebuilding an old(30 yrs) P-39. I am not going for scale. This is my first Project beyond an arf. The guy that gave it to me said it would be more fun if I enlarged the control surfaces.

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You can go for scale, or stand-off scale at worst.

Just call it a Bell Airabonita, the Navy version of the P-39.

make the rudder a bit larger, and finish in nice, colorful Navy Grey and Chrome Yellow.

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I did a Sureflite 40-size P-39 up as an Airabonita once. It didn't fly much differently than the trike gear model but it was more difficult to take off.


Morris Lee wrote:

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Charles & Peggy Robinson

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