HI All
I've got a A-M diesel engine its about 50 years old in immaculate
I think its 1.0cc its got a red head & barrel can somebody tell me more
about it and is it worth anything.
TIA Chris
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Chris Coombs
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God. You take me back. I had briefly an A-M 3.5cc engine years ago.
Its pretty basic. If in good nick will go for maybe $30 on ebay - go into relevant part of ebay and do a search on 'diesel' and see what prices they are being bid up to.
Good rare nostalgic makes like Mills .75 etc, go for a premium Maybe $60-$70.
Your average battered and used 1960's 1cc diesel with parts missing often less than $10.
My geuss is its going to be in the $30-$50 range, if all there, turns over and has compression and no obvious damage.
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The Natural Philosopher
The AM 10 1cc had a green head, and was the smallest, if I remember correctly, so you may have a 15 (1.5cc) though I thought they had blue heads. There was also an AM 25, 2.5cc. Couldn't tell you about the value, they were a nice but fairly ordinary engine in their day.
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David Smith

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