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The local AMA club just decided to not be a chartered AMA club next year.
The $90 AMA wants for a club charter was too much for the 6 club members.
The AMA was contacted about a lower cost for clubs with fewer members. All
pleas fell on deaf and unsympathetic ears. Whether a club is 6 members or 60
or 600, the fee is $90 they were told.
The club will retain their field and rely on each member's homeowner's
policy for insurance.
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Your individual AMA member insurance will cover your personal liability when you fly. The AMA charter covers the land owner. You don't have to quit the AMA as an individual because of no club charter.
Dan Thompson (AMA 32873, EAA 60974, WB4GUK, GROL) remove POST in address for email
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Dan Thompson
As was pointed out, your individual memberships will suffice for most purposes, and since the charter has been dropped you won't need to worry about event insurance.
You might visit
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Individual memberships are $45, and if five of you join you can charter the club for $40.
Maybe worth looking at.
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Fred McClellan
Ok Let's Do the Math
$90/6=$15 a year per member $15/12=$1.25 a month per member
So let's put all the "it is too expensive for six guys" BS to the side and tell us what the real complaint is. Because if six guys can not afford an extra $1.25 a month or one payment a year of $15 then they should not be in this hobby in the first place. Most people blow more than that on a day at the field or going to a movie. I would hardly consider AMA a villan for refusing to lower their rates.
Bob Ruth AMA 720565
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Bob, My thoughts exactly. Why is it that our hobby attracts more than its fair share of skinflints on the planet? Joe L.
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Why is it that so many times these are the same folks who think nothing of dropping two or three grand on a new giant scale setup?
Texas Pete AMA 59376
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Pete Kerezman

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