Looking for value or buyer for Kelvin Diesel

Hi all,
I have been asked to assist in finding a fair value or interested
parties that might want to buy a four cylinderKelvin marine diesel.
The body of the e-mail I received is as follows:
Ask to value/find buyer (estate) for a Bergius-Kelvin Model P #34477
4cyl Diesel from Glasgow, Scotland.
DON'T HAVE A CLEW. Looks like a ancient Volvo, have two e-mail
sendable pictures. Guess probably 40 HP.
Sitting on a pallet, looks good and it even RUNS. Reported one
injector so-so. Part was available from a dealer in Hialeah years
ago. Wife (founding member of sailing club that "adopted" me when I
was younger) still has number.
Figure it is a museum piece or for some one who wants a period engine
for an old boat. Told you I don't have a clue.
I have posted two pictures to alt.binaries.images.vintage-engineering
Please reply directly to me at kessellc*****@gmail.com
Remove the obvious to reply.
Best regards,
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Where? What numbers? I can't find it.
Cheers Tim
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Tim Leech
Hello, Kelvin P4 is 20hp @ 1500 rpm . Not a very exciting design for a Kelvin . I recall that an engineer from Petters' was recruited to the firm in the early 1950's and the design owes much to him. Doesn't have the usual Kelvin additions like petrol start , spark plugs and a magneto. Reliable enough though. Robert
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Bob Holmes

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