Look for buyer!!

Look for buyer!! Ukraine Kind hour! we ready to cooperate in the deliveries in your address of black metal from 1000 up to 5000 tons per one month. At request, inform us the procurement prices of each kind of required metal or prices on mixed purchase of all marks of black metal We can delivery zinc sheet

Size:0,5-1,5x1000x2000mm GOST 14918-80 Delivery DAF board Ukraine-Poland Terms 20 day from pay-prepay Price:

-460usd per 1tm-100% prepay

-465usd per 1tm-50% prepay 50%letter of credit

-470usd per 1tm-100% letter of credit Beast regards Oleg email: snipped-for-privacy@odessa.net ICQ 238603213 tel+38048-777-15-56

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now who on this newsgroup is gonna buy 5000 tons of metal in one month.. dont think the who group since the beginning of time would be able to handle that.....

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Well, if we were all given the appropriate tools, lathe, mill, welder, torch or plasma cutter, it *might* happen... Oh, and not to mention the 50 ton capacity arc or induction furnaces for those who like their big castings...


-- In the immortal words of Ned Flanders: "No foot longs!" Website @

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Tim Williams

I am considering getting up a group purchase for this in 5,000 ton lots.


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The who group?

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dann mann

"Newsgroup" (a usenet newsgroup is what this in -- rec.crafts.metalworking in particular here). I don't know how it is presented via webtv, which your address says that you're on, but I suspect through a web based interface which probably hides the origin of the information.

Enjoy, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

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