Cabin Fever Twin OHC V8

HI all,
I have just received my July/August issue of Live Steam.
My eyes where out on stalks when I saw the Cabin Fever advert on page
5 and the picture of a Twin OHC V8.
The Cabin Fever web site has 2 photos of this mouth watering engine.
Can someone please give me more information about this engine so I can
get my palpitations under control.
Geoff - UK
superheated - radiant
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Goeff: That particular engine was built by Joe "Speedy" Seriatta of Rochester New York. I don't believe there are any drawings available as Joe builds as he goes. It uses glow ignition and runs at extremely high speeds. It doesn't idle below about 4000 RPM. At least it didn't the last time I got to see it run! Ron Colonna
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Hello Ron, Thanks for the info.
Wonder how he stops everything from flying apart :-) Really good workmanship and design? Pity he doesn't keep/make drawings as it would make for a great article on one of the hobby magazines.
to see it run! Sounds like some wild cam he's using. Must have sounded great. Regards Geoff
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