It is not too early to make plans to attend CABIN FEVER EXPO.
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Jan 17,18,&19.
Any other RCM'ers going there? I'm going to get my liberal, retired
chem-prof brother there Saturday, so he can see how people in the REAL world
live and have fun.
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Hey Flash,
I intend to go, but driving back up from Florida to do so. I'd like to try for at least Friday's auction and Saturday show, but SWMBO will be with me, and even 2 days is a bit much for her, so nothing hammered in stone yet. She likes it OK when I go by myself for the whole week in April!!
Take care.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.
ps..don't forget to mark NAMES on the calendar also..April 18 & 19, 2009. Other shows and dates are also on the website:
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Brian Lawson
How would you wife feel about getting together with my wife and a couple of her pals to go off for the day Saturday shopping and Christmas type store visiting?
Errol Groff
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Errol Groff

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