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The past few weeks have been very interesting for my wife and I. I
had an extremely stressful 10 day cycle with a not very nice group of
freshmen, my mother in law passed away on Jamuary 9th and on the 11th
I landed in the cardiac ICU with a galloping heatbeat. I managed to
miss the wake and funeral. My wife says there are no lengths I will
not go to to avoid putting on a suit!
There was a ton of things I wanted to get done before departing for
Cabin Fever and to waste TWO whole days in the ICU was very
frustrating! Hmmm, maybe I do have a small stress problem. Finally,
Tuesday at 5:30 PM they decided that they had no idea what caused the
problem, othere than stress probably, and let me go.
That left Wednesday and Thursday to finish up before heading to York.
I wanted to take as many whistles to hand out to the kids at the show
as I could and for two days I had about six of my sophomore students
working like beavers on them. Managed to get forty finished and ready
to go. The plan for the Steve Lovely designed whistle is now
available on the main page of the NEMES site.
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My "Ernie's Tubing Roller" made it's first bend on Wednesday the 14th
and was loaded into the car for the trip. It was quite a hit at the
show and I gave the web address for the plans to quite a number of
fellows. Pictures of this project are in the dropbox.
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One of the great things about this year's show was the number of
r.c.m. folks who introduced themselves to me. On Saturday as I
circulated about the show the combination of meeting these fellows, my
recent dodge with the grim reaper, and life in general made it one of
the very nicest days that I can think of in a very long time.
A great big thank you goes out to all my friends in NEMES and everyone
here on the r.c.m. group for making the trip such a pleasure.
Errol Groff
Instructor, Machine Tool Department
H.H. Ellis Tech
613 Upper Maple Street
Danielson, CT 06239
860 774 8511 x1811
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Errol Groff
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Sorry about your mother-in-law.
I'll have to remember that about the suit for the next one. :-)
Do the freshmen normally come around with time?
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Nice photos -- though I would have preferred that you not use spaces in the filenames.
Aha! This explains why I never found you at the NEMES area. I tried several times, until finally my wife tugged me out to head home befor the snow arrived. :-)
I wish that I had been able to catch up with you.
Maybe next time (Iron Fever, perhaps?)
And thank *you* for your presence here, too.
Health, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
She was a few months short of 90 and in poor health for a long time. A nice lady who helped me out following the Great dMotor Bike Wreck of 1980.
I am sure that most do. I hope, however, that most of them do their coming around in shop with someone else! There were a couple of nice young folks in the bunch that I would be glad to see come through the door after shop selection time. Monday starts the next group. We will se how it goes. Ahh, hope springs eternal!
I do try to remember to put underscores in the file names but do not always remember. I will try harder. Maybe a note on the monitor, something along the lines of "Hey Stupid....Remember the Underscores!!!"
Actually I was at the next table section. My stuff didn't need air line and I didn't want to take space away from someone who did need it.
Same here. Iron Fever depends on dates. I am usually coming back from the EAA convention in Oshkosh about then and will have to see how things work out. If not there we could try again at Mystic Seaport if you come up this summer.
Best regards,
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Errol Groff
I guess that I don't know how the clasess are made up. But I wish you luck in the collection of students which you get.
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I know the solution. I'll set you up with a linux system, and *that* will remind you aobut the names. :-)
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Hmm ... I asked several people at the table, and they said that you weren't there at the moment. The first that I asked was skyscraper Henry. :-)
We were there from about 9:30 AM until about 2:30 PM -- but in various places looking at and for things.
[ ... ]
I'm afraid that we're out of that, now. Dolores doesn't do well with long car trips these days (and with the recording equipment, airline travel is totally out). It was uncertain until the week of Cabin Fever whether we would really be able to make it.
Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols

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