Zero-turn mower Caster Modification

If you care to, take a look at a modification I did to a zero-turn
riding mower front end caster setup. The original (I think) was a bad
design and I couldn't think of an easy fix. Picture *have* been
renamed THIS time and I decreased the size of the files for
faster downloading..... hope I did it all right.
Thanks for looking - and any and all comments appreciated.
Find them at:
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Ken Sterling
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On Thu, 26 May 2005 02:15:35 GMT, the inscrutable Ken Sterling (Ken Sterling) spake:
Very nicely done. Some cleanup and paint prior to the last picture would have done you service, though. ;)
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Larry Jaques
Point taken. I installed the casters, then took the picture, then took the machine down into my "back 40" and beat it pretty good just to make sure the design would hold up.... then finished the job, but didn't take another picture. Sorry. Ken.
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Ken Sterling
I need to do the same thing on my mower deck. Was planning to use a 1" shaft riding in a pair of 1"IDx1-1/4" OD bronze bushings. I have some clearance problems to deal with.
Ken Sterl> Gang,
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